Stihl GTA 26 Battery Garden Pruner - Set

Stihl GTA 26 Battery Garden Pruner - Set

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Battery-powered garden pruner set. Includes battery & charger.
  • 4"/10cm Guide Bar
  • 10.8v Lithium Ion Battery Powered
  • AS System, 28Wh AS2 Battery
  • Tool Free Chain Tensioning
  • 1/4 Picco Micro 3 Chain
  • 1.2kg Weight
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Working Specifications

Guide Bar
4inch (10cm)
Chain Type
1/4 Picco Micro 3 Chain
Chain Size
28DL 1.1 1/4P

Engine Specifications

Power Source
Electric, Battery 10.8v Lithium Ion (AS System)

Health & Safety Specifications

Noise Level
75 dB(A)
Left: 2.9 m/s², Right: 2.8 m/s²

Dimensions & Weight

1.2kg (Excluding Bar & Chain)

Warranty Terms

2 Years (Domestic)

Additional Specifications

1x AS2 28Wh Battery, 1x AL1 Charger, 1 x Multioil Bio (50ml) & Carry Case

Stihl GTA26 Cordless Garden Pruner - Set

AS system cordless garden pruner for smaller pruning and DIY jobs.

Set includes 1x AS2 Batteries, AL1 Charger and Carry Case.

The GTA 26 is our first battery-powered garden pruner, and is the ideal tool for small pruning tasks, cutting up garden waste and even small DIY jobs.

Designed to be comfortable and simple to use, the GTA 26 has comfortable, rubberised handles so it is easy to control. It also features a moving protective hood, a charge level indicator and tool-free chain replacement.

The GTA 26 Set model comes with an AS 2 battery, an AL 1 charger, a bottle of Multioil Bio for lubricating the chain and a carry case, which also has eyelets on the back so it can be mounted on the wall, for neat storage. If you would like the GTA 26 on its own these are available with the Tool Only model here.

Standard features

  • Kit includes 1x AS2 Batteries and AL1 Charger
  • 4" 10cm Guide Bar
  • Stihl 1/4 Picco Micro 3 Chain
  • 10.8v Lithium Ion Battery Powered
  • AS System Compatible
  • Moving Protectve Chain Hood
  • Tool FREE Chain Tensioning & Replacement
  • Charge Level Indicator
  • Comfortable, Rubberised Handles
  • 1.2kg Weight Excluding Bar & Chain

Battery runtime

  • Working time with recommended AS 2 battery is up to 25 minutes / to 80 cuts in 4cm branches.
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