Stihl iMow 5 EVO Robotic Mower

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£ 1.832.50
Vat 20% (20%)
£ 366.50
Our Price (inc VAT):
£ 2.199.00
Fully automatic smart robotic mower for small to medium gardens .
  • 28cm (11") Cutting Width
  • 20mm - 60mm Cutting Height
  • 24.23 degrees / 45% Max Slope
  • upto 1500m² Lawn Area
  • 15kg Weight
  • App Control
Available To Order
IA01 011 1411

Working Specifications

Recommended Area
upto 1500m²
Cutting Modes
Working Width
11inch (28cm)
Cutting Height
20mm to 60mm (8 Position), Central Adjustment

Drive Specification

Drive Type
Dual Electric Motor Direct Drive
Working Incline
45% (24.23 Degrees) Standard Or 55% (28.81 Degrees) With Optional Slope Kit.

Engine Specifications

Power Source
Electric, Battery 36v Lithium Ion

Health & Safety Specifications

Noise Level
61 dB(A)

Dimensions & Weight


Warranty Terms

5 Years (Subject to Terms & Conditions)

Additional Specifications

App Controlled
YES (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth & Mobile Networks)

Stihl ¡MOW® 5 EVO Robotic Mower

Automatic Lawn Care for your garden.

The iMOW® 5 EVO is part of the latest generation of iMOW® robotic mowers from STIHL. Designed for home gardens, these robotic mowers mow your lawn automatically so you don’t have to, giving you a beautiful green lawn, without even lifting a finger. Capable of cutting lawns of up to 1,500 m2 and gradients of up to 45%, the iMOW® is powered by a high-performance lithium-ion battery for efficient and continuous work over long working periods.

The iMOW® is controlled using the MY iMOW® app which controls all of the functions for the robotic mower, such as sending it out to mow, returning it to the dock, changing the mowing plan, adjusting the cutting height or checking the current status of the iMOW®. The iMOW® EVO has a mobile connection which means you can connect to it via the MY iMOW® app at any time and send it out to mow even if you aren’t at home. It can also connect to the MY iMOW® app via a home WiFi network or Bluetooth connection when close to the machine as well.

The iMOW® is installed by laying or burying a thin wire around the outer edge of your lawn and around obstacles in your garden, such as shrubs, trees, flower beds or water features. Then, a second wire in the centre of your lawn helps the iMOW® to travel home to charge. If the iMOW® comes across objects in the mowing area then it’s sensors will activate, causing it to slow down, softly bump into it and then go off into another direction. You can install you iMOW® yourself via the MY iMOW® app, which provides guided instructions on how to complete the install. You can also follow Stihl's playlist on how to install the iMOW® too! If installing this way, you will need the appropriate installation kit (sold separately) for your garden size in order to install the iMOW®. For complex gardens with multiple mowing plans, you can request us your local STIHL Approved Dealer to install the iMOW®. To do so, please get in touch with our sales team.

The iMOW® is fitted with 3 free-swinging, extra-sharp blades which provide a clean cut lawn every time. These blades rotate each time they stop, meaning the last for longer before needing to be replaced. The iMOW® is a mulching mower. Mulching is the process of cutting the grass into small clippings which are then dropped back into the lawn, acting as a natural and nutrient-rich fertiliser. Plus you have the added bonus of not having to empty a grass catcher box again! Because the iMOW® cuts the grass little and often, the clippings decompose quickly – leaving no trace of them, apart from a well-nourished, lush, green lawn.

You can build a dynamic mowing plan for your iMOW® which is tailored to your needs and program it to mow at a time that is convenient for you. However, if you do want to send the iMOW® out to mow when you are relaxing in your garden then you can – it’s so quiet that you wouldn’t even notice it when it’s out mowing! Rain sensors on the iMOW® detect when it rains so you can choose whether to let the iMOW® continue to work in the rain or make up the mowing time when it dries up. Thanks to the intuitive software of the iMOW®, you don’t have to worry about charging it either – when the iMOW® finishes it’s mowing plan it finds its way back to it’s weather-proof docking station and charges itself efficiently, ready for the next time it goes out to cut.

If you want to check the status of the iMOW® or can’t access the MY iMOW® app, you can press the info button on the control panel at the top of the iMOW® which will talk to you and tell you when the next mowing session is. Using these buttons you can send the iMOW® home, out to mow or lock the mower without going onto the app. The iMOW® EVO also has an LED matrix display at the top of the iMOW which shows the current status, such as spinning blade when mowing or a padlock when locked in the dock.

Please be aware that the iMOW® robotic mower is not a toy. Children and small animals must be kept away from the mowing area when it is out to mow. You must also make sure the mowing area is clear of small objects such as footballs and toys. For further safety information, please read the instruction manual.

Standard features

  • Robotic mower for lawns up to 1,500 m² and gradients up to 45%
  • Precise mowing with 3 free-swinging, extra sharp blades
  • Disc-cut system
  • Tool-FREE blade change
  • Rain sensors
  • Electric cut-height adjustment
  • Adjust the cutting height automatically via the app
  • Controlled via the MY iMOW® app at home using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® or Mobile networks
  • Send the iMOW® out remotely thanks via mobile connection
  • Zone management
  • Completes mowing plan all by itself
  • Alarm function for increased security
  • Simplified over the air updates, update your iMow at home easily
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